OrbeEX opened the doors to the international market in Expo Venezuela Power

(Caracas, March 25, News 24) .- OrbeEX opened the doors to the international market by attending the Venezuela Power Expo 2017, an event in which the first Venezuelan platform of international trade between companies, accompanied 300 other exhibitors who were given Appointment in the Polyhedron of Caracas from 23 to 26 March to promote their ideas and undertakings.

Stand 144 was the place occupied by the OrbeEX team in the event. However, the focus of this startup encompasses much more than a physical space, as the company’s vision is to connect global suppliers and buyers through its digital platform. An intercompany e-commerce website, geared towards positioning itself as the largest network of American Latin exporters.

The 11,000 square meters of the Caracas area housed companies in the agri-food, pharmaceutical, industrial, hydrocarbons, tourism, mining, construction, telecommunications, banking and public economy sectors, among others. Expo Venezuela Power 2017, was an open showcase of entrepreneurs and consolidated businesses ready to fight for the social and economic growth of the country.

Surrounded by this productive synergy, during the event, OrbeEX presented to the participants and the attending businessmen, the first B2B international B2B commerce platform (business to business) in Latin America. A new online channel to connect Venezuelan suppliers with global buyers.

The SMEs and the entrepreneurs who attended the Expo Venezuela Power 2017, took advantage of the meeting to register on the platform of OrbeEX.com, also offered their impressions about the event and their expectations about the first Venezuelan digital platform of international trade.

Alexis Valladares, the owner of a medium business, told OrbeEX executives that he plans to export various plastic products “I already have a client in the Dominican Republic and Mexico. It seems to me that the platform can speed up the negotiation process and is a faster and more economical alternative since the time of businesspeople is worth a lot. ”

Kenny Cabeza, State delegate of the Front of Inputs for the construction of the Bolivar State, said that “the idea is that Venezuelan companies also have an impact abroad, and who better than OrbeEX to advise us and help us to make our production Touch foreign lands. He congratulated the initiative because it takes in Venezuela these kinds of organizations that encourage us to believe that we can cross the borders and demonstrate to the world that we make quality products in the country.

The entrepreneur Jaime Bonilla, aims to export LED light bulbs from Mérida to the world and this was his impression of the opportunities offered by OrbeEX: “I registered at orbeex.com, and I think it is an excellent business idea because it would be As one of those Asian e-commerce platforms but Venezuelan. It is an opportunity for us also, to be able to export in a simple, easy and practical way “.

The board of OrbeEX.com present at the event was dedicated to personally attend the visitors who came to booth 144 of Expo Venezuela Power 2017, a meeting made up of Alfredo Lovera, Jürgen Ruf, Gabriela Rangel, Karina Tovar, Biljana Jovicic And Gerson Gómez.

Tovar stressed the importance of trade fairs and the objective of this new online international business channel: “We want to unite all our efforts, guide people and feel that they are not alone, but they can get new business opportunities in our portal Web.” He also indicated that in addition to the e-commerce portal and export advice, the objective is to encourage the culture of international trade and highlight its benefits for the national economy.

Due to the success of Expo Venezuela Power 2017, the event scheduled for Sunday, March 26, lasted until Monday, March 27. There OrbeEX will continue to welcome entrepreneurs who believe in national talent and want to boost the country’s production in the global market.

Source: Noticias 24.



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